Friday, May 04, 2012

up a tree

we were out on a bike ride last evening and we found this little kitty in a position similar to this - up a tree. meowing.

we coaxed her down and into my bike basket and brought her home, as she seemed alone and scared.

we brought her home and then our mama kitty, pepchen, chased her up this tree.

and then sat there, looking innocent, like, "nope, wasn't me."

"i'm just enjoying the view on this lovely evening."

we named her sweetheart sally cupcake. she seemed ok with that. and once you name a cat, it's yours, right?

apparently she didn't think so, as we can't find her this morning. she wasn't exactly given a warm welcome around here, but she sure was a cutie. but i imagine someone was missing her and she headed home. it wasn't really that far away.


Anonymous said...

Cute story. Love that sweetheart sally cupcake let you take her home in your bike basket.
I wonder if she will come back to visit.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Sweetheart Sally Cupcake-- That is the all time greatest kitty name EVER!

I hope you see her again soon.

xo jj