Monday, June 04, 2012

a happy list

because my last post was a little bit sad and i hate to go to bed on a sad note, i have to shake it all off with some positivity (sorry if it's insufferable, but it's where i'm at right now. and blogging is cheaper than therapy). and i know i'm not supposed to confess to happiness anymore (thanks molly), but just enjoy it. but still, we're made to think we should feel a little bit guilty about it, in the face of all of the unhappiness in the world...however, i give you a little list of things i like, and a gratuitous kitten photo.

i like:

~ instant coffee with a speck of cream. yes. i like instant coffee. and drink it all the time.

~ earrings that don't match each other.

~ pickled eggs.

~ being perceived of as a balanced person.

~ watching kittens play attack one another.

~ warming risotto when it's cold (and it's cold today, so you can guess what we had for dinner).

~ that my 11-year-old child's favorite program is called kontant and it's one where they expose consumer fraud (usually on the part of charter travel bureaus and people who sell fish from a truck).

~ that our baby bunnies have all found homes. :-(

~ that it's yet another holiday tomorrow.

~ and i'm going here.

~ i expect to come back fearless.

so watch out.


Molly said...

I think we're conditioned to think happiness is a privilege - and therefore carries the slight stain of guilt.
It is easy to feel 'guilty' about one's happiness when you meet people like the woman you described in your previous post, but happiness is such a personal thing, so dependent on your own inner indicators - not things the world may or may not have bestowed upon you - that I think we should never feel badly for it, or that we need to confess to feeling it.
Love your list- love that you're happy!

celkalee said...

A good life is a good thing. Don't apologize. I fully appreciate your opinions, insights, and lamentations. It's all a mix, how boring would life be if it were not?

Joanna Jenkins said...

I read both posts and am sad for the person your wrote about-- All I can do is pray that one day she finds herself again.

In the meantime-- not guilt about being happy. In this day and time, I think it's fantastic to find joy and beauty in one's daily life.

Your kittens are getting big! And oh so beautiful.

Enjoy your getaway!
xo jj

kristina said...

I'm happy that you're happy - being happy is the new black ;-) good luck on the seminar tomorrow!