Monday, June 18, 2012

monday has a bad reputation

people say bad stuff about mondays, but honestly, despite torrential rain, hydroplaning my way home, my business partner referring to me as margaret thatcher (due to my sleeping only three hours) and the possible loss (due to my absent-mindedly leaving it somewhere) of my nikon D300, i had a great monday.

the rain is over and the sun has come out. it's gorgeous and glistening outside.

here's hoping your monday was awesome too.


Veronica Roth said...

Love that you look on the bright side; what a trooper! Here, I'll try: Monday I watched a great movie, “Safe House”(while being held captive on 17thousand hours of flight from Quebec back to Vancouver by my overbearing, negative, demanding, impatient 78million yr old mother, who is now convinced I’m addicted to new media in an unhealthy way.) Hmmm...didn’t quite work did it? I really hope your Nikon shows up.

Unknown said...

I do hope you find your camera, I would panic without mine.....smiles