Tuesday, June 12, 2012

tuesday lessons

bring on the crack meatballs

things i learned today:

~ the term slacktivism.

~ that tuesday is a pretty good day to go to ikea.

yum! crack meatballs! now with mashed potatoes!

~ that the meatballs in ikea are now self-serve. and it is rather hard to scoop up ten. and that they've switched out the little boiled potatoes with mash. and that you get enough sauce (gravy for my american readers) when you get to ladle it up yourself. i think the sauce is where they put the crack.

~ i suspect several of the families we saw in ikea were actually living there. i think you could get away with it for awhile. one of them had four kids, and it looked as if the two smallest ones had been born there. here's one of them, see how she's making herself at home?

yup, just another day in ikea.

~ if you want to provoke a dane, say something about a flag. (i did not actually want to provoke anyone when i mentioned a flag today, but boy oh boy did i kick a hornets' nest. and it wasn't even the danish flag i mentioned!) hmm, i wonder what they'll make of my nails when they see them:

@sabinamalie decided I needed patriotic nails! she certainly doesn't get her patience from me

~ it's amusing to kick the occasional hornets' nest. even if you didn't mean to.

~ you can get a lot done if you apply yourself.

~ and occasionally it's a good idea to look at the world from a different angle.

another angle

what has tuesday taught you?


celkalee said...

Let me just say that I am still laughing. On a recent visit to our IKEA husband and I both felt that there is a family that we see there every single time we go there! I'm serious, I think they do live there. One boy, about 10 or 11 was going into a drawer in a bedroom display and pulling out toys! They seem to also be greeting people now and then. Ours offers free breakfast twice a week, it may just be a coincidence.

Barb said...

Today I was teaching my Human Sexuality and Reproduction class at the university. We watched a great movie about transsexuals. I learned a lot! and the students were interested as well. :)

poet said...

Boyfriend & me recently debated if a fake reality TV series about a person or two clandestinely living at IKEA would be a success! Also, your nail art is pretty cute.

Molly said...

When I worked in the HIV/AIDS sector my colleagues always regarded those who bought and wore red ribbons with great disdain. They'd totally have called them slacktivists.
I think it's better than nothing right? Great term.
And well done on just kicking the hornets nest and not the child on the floor :)

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Tuesday taught me that young guineas can fly really high and well, without any real practice.

It also taught me that young turkeys can convince said guineas out of the trees and back in their pen.

It taught me that even when you think you've made it impossible for someone to be unhappy, if they're really determined to be unhappy, they'll find a way.

Most importantly it taught me that a glass of homemade kahlua with cream at the end of the day is an excellent sleep aid.