Saturday, June 02, 2012

this too shall pass

Stræberen by Leif Grønhøj

grrr. sometimes everything is just so irritating that you want to scream!

your bra doesn't fit right.
you can't find your garden gloves.

people keep asking you where stuff is.
and you have no idea.
or can't be bothered to explain.
since you're looking for your own gloves.
and if you knew where stuff was, you wouldn't be looking for them.

your child wants to be waited on hand and foot.
which you know is your own fault, since you usually wait on her hand and foot.
but that doesn't make it any less irritating.

the wind keeps blowing the straw you're trying to put out around the strawberries away.
and the straw is making you sneeze.

the chicken wasn't done when you called everyone to dinner.
and your soufflé fell a little bit during the waiting.

there's nothing on t.v.
and they changed the whole online t.v. guide and now it's buggy as hell.
and on top of it you can't find anything.

and all these petty irritations make you lose the awesome happy buzz you had after  a two hour guided sculpture tour in the sunshine (more about that tomorrow). 

and it all makes you wish, just a little bit, for menopause to come already so you can be done with PMS.
tho' you're still irritated at that stupid dutch hairdresser for suggesting you were already menopausal for coloring your hair dark last summer.


this too shall pass.

but a cocktail would help.


Lost Star said...

completely understand this kind of day. i'm pretty much there all the time this week. stupid new bc pill.

get the husband to pour you a nice cocktail and sit and breathe for a while. perspective is everything.

d smith kaich jones said...

oh sweetie. the suckiest kind of day - the worst! makes no difference that you understand where it's coming from. hoping you get that cocktail. or two. xoxox

Elizabeth said...

Time for a cocktail or two. Cheers!

julochka said...

we watched the horrible Swept Away w/Madonna. my everlasting loyalty to the material girl caused me to keep saying, "this is a bad movie, but it's not madonna's fault." til husband finally asked me why. I shrugged.

julochka said...

I knew you would understand. I did get my cocktail. it made circa little better.

julochka said...

thank goodness for good new gin!

will said...

... ill fitting bra and garden gloves ... that's offers an interesting image.

ps. Washington state voters just privatized the sale of booze and now there's a new 20-30% tax on the sales price on whatever you buy. Cocktails ... now a pricey leisure.