Sunday, June 10, 2012

just another rainy sunday in june

raindrops on the terrace roof.
a special quality of light - summer light, even tho' it's cloudy.
it has a greenish cast to it, as the trees drink in the needed rain.
kittens racing around, tumbling.
a mug of steaming tea and a fresh, light bun slathered in butter.
a moment of quiet contentment. 
the day hasn't yet really begun.

i need this moment.
the days start to feel busy, rushing headlong into one another.
as my calendar fills up.
in a good way, as the projects are now of my own choosing.
a photo class for kids at the library.
helping shape a new school.
writing about travel.
editing a book.
sharing a bit of my culture.
being part of creating new surroundings for the culture where i live.

just being more solidly where i am.

and always time with a horse.
it's the healthiest time.
and the greatest gift you can give your child.
because you can't fool a horse.
it knows if you're scared.
or if you're trusting.
or if you're bluffing.
they can just see right through to you.
the real you.
you can't hide from a horse.

and as always, dreaming of what's next.
a refuge in the garden.
a long, narrow, rustic building,
where the light floods in from windows along both sides.
but a safe, dark cocoon in which to work at one end.
and room for a long table.
where we could have meetings,
and not be ashamed to invite people from outside.

reshaping what an office means.

i'm unused to a full calendar.
and that means i mess things up sometimes.
like yesterday, when we showed up for a wedding at 2 p.m.
and found out it had started at 1 p.m.
and all that was left at the church was the rice on the ground.
i was very surprised and a little embarrassed.
but i find myself laughing about it now.

if you throw a whole lot of balls up in the air,
you're bound to drop a couple of them.


Menthe Blanche said...

This is exactly the same thing here (in France): rainy Sunday...

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Beautiful pics & writing that I can really relate to atm...

celkalee said...

Your plate is quite full, but in a good way, yes? A full life, of your choosing, doesn't get any better than that.

Barb said...


Michelle said...

thanks for this- it is interesting that once I learned to be truly present with someone and in the moment, I lost track of my upcoming appointments, just like you and that wedding! I would be so in the moment, that the next thing in the calendar seemed so far away, instead of in the next 15 min!!! thanks for the smile.