Thursday, June 28, 2012

if i were a designer...

...i would make munisaks - a central asian garment worn as an outer robe - with luxurious silks or ikat on the outside and beautiful, soft russian printed cottons on the inside.

these are shots of the lush and gorgeous russian textiles by susan meller.

i picked it up at the library yesterday and devoured it in one sitting.

this would be so easy to make, i just might have to get out the sewing machine.

sometimes the linings were patched together of several fabrics.
but i think that makes them that much more charming.

such a marvelous collection of pattern meller has put together

in most cases, i like the inside better than the outside.
they lined the silks with cotton because it was considered too ostentatious to have silk next to the skin.

it's also possible to make other things, not just munisaks - here's a skirt and a top and some folded bags.
so much inspiration in this beautiful book. i'm already dreading giving it back to the library.


Lost Star said...

Oh, they are gorgeous! I wonder how hard they would be to make?

Elizabeth said...

Perfect, you should give it a try.

In a hour I can collect the Sashiko sourcebook and I can hardly wait to get my hands on it.

Enjoy yourself with planning.

celkalee said...

Stunning fabric and simple design lines create beauty. Because the lines are simple it permits the fabric to take center stage. What an inspiring book. I am quite sure I had a dress, in the 60's, like the one pictured. We called them peasant dresses. We also had little shrug vests, crocheted, that added another layer. It was cold as h--l in Omaha at that time! Vogue had a Coco Beal pattern using the lines of the robe pictured, still have the pattern, never used it. Thanks for sharing, brings back memories of good times for me.