Sunday, October 21, 2012

it's a good year for mushrooms

the mushrooms are amazing this year. it's been a very good year for them around here - very wet and strangely warm (it was 20°C yesterday) - perfect conditions. i swear there's something magical in the way they spring up overnight in whole groves. and then they linger on until they're picturesquely withered and look ancient. i've got nature on the brain because i'm reading roger deakin's wildwood. in it he waxes poetic on forests and the pleasures of sleeping out in a shed in a remote corner of his property. and pencils. and i hope he does something about mushrooms too, but so far he hasn't (i'm not that far in). if he doesn't, i'll have to do so myself.


ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Amazing photos! I've been out walking today and also spotted quite a collection...but even with my nerdy spotter's book I couldn't quite bring myself to harvest any for supper!

will said...

So, dollarwise, what are lookin' at here, what's the street value or are you doin' wholesale? My peeps will be touch.

Unknown said...

cool mushroom pictures! I have never seen them like this. Thanks for sharing.