Monday, October 08, 2012

weather permitting

sex is apparently very hot amongst the elderly. (pun intended.) first we had the whole madness of fifty shades of grey (which i haven't read and do not intend to read). now there are at least two plays in denmark featuring the sex lives of the over 60 set.  there was even another play (or was it an art exhibition) featuring naked people having sex live. but that one closed (and i can't find a link). and they weren't old, i don't think, tho' i do think the audience they attracted was.

and all of this swirl about elder sex has meant that there have been a lot of radio programs discussing the phenomenon of late. and i'll admit that when i hear people going on and on about orgasms and trying to describe them on the radio, it makes me nervous. because what if what i thought was an orgasm isn't (because the way they described it sounded pretty strange to me) and horror of horrors, what if i've not ever really had one?

and honestly, i don't really like to think thoughts like that.

i guess this means the baby boomers are old now and it seems they consider themselves still vital  and sexual beings. and i say, awesome for that, since i'm getting older myself. but do we have to be so public and arm-waving about it? can't we just leave the sex in the privacy of the bedroom or the back yard (weather permitting)?


Elizabeth said...

Well you know: Sex sells, that agegroup is large and still has money to spend. So seen from a marketingstandpoint, it has to go public, to raise "awareness" of all the shortcomings and fun elderly still can have. A whole new range of products can come out of this.

celkalee said...

In the US we have been assaulted with commercials hawking medications that "provide and enhance" the male experience for 10 years. In the last 5 or so, the market has expanded its arsenal with multiple topical applications to provide explosive results. Yes, it is about money. Yes, it is also about life, and aging, and experience. As we all march toward that invisible line called "elderly" remember that is is not a bad word, just a phase. Like the terrible twos, or the teen angst. Another phase.

Spilling Ink said...

As much as I enjoy I can't help feeling that sometimes that's all we talk about, like it's become crack for the masses. I don't know if it's just where I live but it all seems to be about "scoring" whether it be because you're single or with your partner or whatever.....I just wonder what happened to all our other pursuits like art and culture and....
I guess I feel a little bored with the suybject of sex personally.