Monday, October 01, 2012

monday musings

i could tell a tale of a greedy and righteous troglodyte (is there anything worse?), but i don't want my monday ruined in that way. suffice it to say that i need to find another way to deal with this person. fantasies of gunning it when i see him crossing the street are becoming slightly too vivid in my mind at this point, so i'd best not spend much time behind the wheel today.

~ * ~

as you can see from my new banner, we had a good weekend at our riding club horse show.

~ * ~

isn't it sad that a person who never gives others room to do what they have promised, but stands over them and checks up on them incessantly will never find out if they can be trusted to do what they say they will? and ironic that they say they'll stop doing that as soon as people prove they will do as they promised. and pathetic that they can't see the logic.

but i promised not to dwell on the troglodyte anymore today. 

~ * ~

they promise rain all week. so a typical danish autumn is upon us. it makes my thoughts turn to candles and baskets of yarn. i've even lined up a knitting teacher, so this year, i'm going to get serious about actually using some of that yarn. tho' molly did just just singe off some of her whiskers jumping up on the shelf by my desk, so candles can be dangerous.

~ * ~

on friday at school, sabin and her friend (who are in the sixth grade) were on their way to class and some tough little fourth graders, in what is a rather confusingly-explained incident, threw a chair at them. they were apparently bitter over some altercations last year when they were in fifth and third grade respectively, tho' that part of the story is also a bit unclear. the chair hit sabin's hand and it has become steadily more swollen and sore over the weekend and we're going to have the doctor have a look at it today. i did say she had to explain to the doctor herself that she was beaten up by a fourth grader.

i asked her how she responded and she said that they went and let a teacher know it had happened. so in essence, they told on the little shits. some part of me wishes she'd thrown the chair back at them or at least grabbed them by the scruff of their necks and roughed them up a bit. but on the other hand, i'm also charmed by her utter faith in the authority figures at her school. we'll see what happens next.

~ * ~

i wonder if my parents ever received a communication with my sixth grade teacher that was signed, "hugs," mrs. b. looking back at the battle-axe of a soul-scarring sixth grade teacher i had, i'm thinking not.

i do remember that my dad once stamped one of my papers with a little "horse shit" stamp we had in the drawer at home and asked my second grade teacher whether she shouldn't be slightly more encouraging than that to small children. she practically died of mortification while my dad laughed. i thought it was pretty funny too. probably not entirely fair of dad what with him being on the schoolboard and all. poor mrs. luze.

~ * ~

i sent my absentee ballot today. and yes, i voted for the good guys.

~ * ~

i just reread the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society by mary ann shaffer and annie barrows. i gave it only 3 stars on goodreads the first time around and i actually wonder why. i was utterly delighted by it this time and feel a bit sad to be finished with it. i'm already missing those friends within the covers of the book. i do think you need to a read a book at the right time. i could vaguely remember reading it before, but i obviously didn't absorb it in the same way (that often happens, i think it's a product of the speed at which i read) as i did this time. i'll have to go in and update that rating.

here are a few gems:

"men are more interesting in books than they are in real life."

"reading good books ruins you for enjoying bad books."

"i think you learn more if you're laughing at the same time."

~ * ~

and on that note, i'll wish you all a happy monday.


Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Sorry to hear about Sabin and her friend. I do hope her hand will be all right.

I love the book--Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Would love to visit Guernsey one day!

Take Care
Tracy :)

celkalee said...

With the illness and passing of my FIL I have to catch up. Your banners are always so engaging. I wanted to ask some time ago "how is it done?" I am so impressed, they are so informative. Of course the subject matter always suits.

The Trog is staining your life, no doubt about it. If I may assume, the situation will likely not change any time soon. There is a futility of purpose that only you can control. Do what you do best, let the Trog go on. It won't make any difference anyway, will it?

In spite of the injury, Sabin did the only reasonable thing for her, at the time. Good for her! Getting along in this world, at school or among the Trogs of this world is a learning process for all of us. Best of luck with both situations. The only way we can manage our situations is to respond, not react. I'll shut up. Really, its been a long couple weeks.

Veronica Roth said...

Look at that sweet little girl with her horse. I would have thrown the chair back...and ran over the nasty troglodyte (great word). Chloe had one of those, (troglodytes, not chairs) as her teacher at her English horse riding school. Love the bokeh photo of the dill/cow parsley/close to that seed heads and love that you voted for the good guys. If I was American I would have too. :)