Tuesday, October 30, 2012

morning moon

as a hurricane ravages the east coast of the US, it seems rather frivolous to sit at my desk, sipping a mug of tea, contemplating a blog post and the rest of my day and looking out at the beautiful, cold, clear, sunny autumn day that's going on outside. in fact, i unfollowed one asshole on twitter this morning for blithely posting crap-ass scrapbook pages while the storm raged (why was i following such a person anyway?). it feels odd that life goes on as normal while it's interrupted so dramatically for so many people elsewhere. but i suppose that's true at any given moment of any day. it just doesn't always make the news.

i feel a bit guilty for sitting here, brooding in my own thoughts, pondering things like how i lack a group of truly creative people to hang out with or how i will construct a paleo meal this evening when we have 15 more rows of potatoes to dig and use or whether i'll dare to remove the horse's stitches myself to save another vet visit. people have lost their homes and cars and belongings and the physical evidence of their memories and i'm sitting here with my petty concerns.

but again, it happens every day - tragedies, manmade and natural, befall people all over the world all the time and i normally don't worry about it. i'm only worried today because it's filling my screens and my twitter feed. i haven't even been to new york, so how can it really matter to me?

so not to discount the actual, real misery, but i think we should all have better things to think about. like how we can be positive towards that person who meets us with negativity. because maybe precisely what they need is a dose of positivity coming their way. maybe what would give us the most energy is to simply decide that we will give away all of the energy we ourselves have. maybe that's actually how you make more.

i realize this isn't making that much sense, but the hurricane has jumbled up my thoughts. or perhaps it's the morning moon. and i'm mostly left thinking we should just be a whole lot kinder and gentler right here, where we are now. and that it might make a big difference in the big scheme of things. hurricanes or none.


celkalee said...

It feels rather like survivor guilt, doesn't it? For what ever reason the storm that was to pound us essentially went around us. My friends and family have been affected but I was spared. While none of my family have been devastated by the storm, for those who were, words are not enough.

But I think it is good to feel this way. Good in the sense that our inherent humanity can still recognize basic human compassion. In spite of all the other turmoil going on right now it really does get down to basics. To live our personal lives, maintaining that sensitivity, is essential to stem the negativity that poisons our lives. So, enjoy your tea, your safety and your moon. This is a good thing, because our lives can be easily devastated, this I know, and it is the good things that we hold on to to get through the bad.

christopher said...

Our human emotions are complicated indeed.

I expected to lose power and possibly a whole lot more from Sandy, as Irene itself took a big toll on us last year. I personally know of people who have lost their homes here in NY. For miles around me nearly 80 percent of the homes have no power and many were flooded. I was not flooded and still have power. And late this afternoon I almost started feeling guilty about that as well.

But we don't run the show. And I have visited and stayed over night at a hospital during this wild weekend with a close family member who is very sick...and so in rethinking I am just very grateful to not have the other damage to deal with too. As for the positivity....I always try it-one day at a time.

Sorry for the long comment...thanks for your post.

Anonymous said...

Like you, I can't quite put this storm out of my mind. I'm on the other side of Sandy, looking to the east and seeing photos of devastation that are more surreal than real. I don' t know what I can do to help those people whose lives have been disrupted by this storm, so I'm feeling rather helpless realizing that all I can do is wait and watch. *sigh*