Friday, October 12, 2012

a saga in stitches

these small works are part of anne brodersen's sagaland series, inspired by a trip to iceland.

she's used photographs, printed on ordinary paper and soaked in some kind of solution as the base. i didn't quite understand how it works, but i will take a class with her and find out. as you know, i love the idea of stitching on photos, so this version of that idea is very appealing. i think it turns a photo into something somehow natural and earthy and i like that idea.

today i'm baking cakes - red velvet with a raspberry curd layer inside, covered in merengue buttercream and sabin's made a rich vanilla sheetcake that we're going to decorate as an iPhone. photos and a report of our television debut, as well as the results of the contest sometime on the weekend!

happy weekend, one and all!


celkalee said...

Very interesting pieces. Via my computer screen they rather resemble abstract photo's of deep sea floor. With tiny creatures and lichen-like stains, some seem to have an other worldly quality.

Veronica Roth said...

Your last three posts are fantastic. Love the stitched works! How lucky that you get to take a class Julie. Good luck with the cakes and looking forward to the results post. (also results of the class post in the future) :)