Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the world i inhabit in my dreams

i dreamed a dream that took place in the most fantastic series of rooms. it was a university, but it was also a labyrinth of themed rooms, packed with details...carved figureheads, like those on the bow of a ship, books, rich room medieval, the next old west, musty libraries and heavy velvet drapes, winding, narrow passages and small, crooked stairways. it was like stepping into a borges story. absolutely fascinating. i felt sad to wake up and a strong and wistful longing to return remains with me on this grey autumn morning.

it's quite amazing to realize that this place that i long for actually exists within my own mind. it is mine and mine alone. and although it was peopled with all sorts of characters, they are also of my own imagining. created by me, to process my thoughts. it's almost overwhelmingly powerful when you think about it. some part of me hopes that i am actually living a parallel life over there. and i definitely hope that this new location will be a recurring one. i want nothing more than to go back there.

*  *  *

speaking of dreamlike worlds, check out these amazing combined photographs.
they're by a dutch historian named jo hedwig teeuwisse.
if you can't get enough, there are more here.


Blogoratti said...

That's the beauty of imagination.
Great photos!

will said...

As a practicing phrenologist and dreamer analyzer, I would say your dreams are closer reflection of your real life than you imagine. You enjoy academics, literature, architecture and the well crafted work of artisans. You are in the process of building numerous rooms, all of which reflect your personality, desires and relationships.

You sense infinity within the confines of daily life and you are hopeful with a great deal of anticipation. As you expand your range of interests, exploring new options, you grow in your diversity.

That will be 25 cents, please.

julochka said...

@blogoratti - it is indeed. and thank you.

@bill - the check is in the mail! wow! i suspect you're spot on!

Joanna Jenkins said...

That is a lovely dream and so are your photos. Wouldn't it be nice to "program" our dreams when we sleep to take us exactly to the place we long for...
Cheers, jj