Friday, January 11, 2013

pretty inks, all in a row

what could be more happy-making than new art supplies? 
some new colors of acrylic inks for painting on stones.

and some from the antique line as well - mostly because i fell a little bit in love with the packaging.

i am a sucker for the retro packaging.

and paynes grey? that dark, bluish-grey hue. yummy.

here they all are. now i'd best get to work.

happy weekend, one and all!


Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Look forward to seeing all the rocks when your are finish!

Have a GREAT weekend.

Tracy :)

celkalee said...

I used to keep all my beautiful threads out, on racks, for inspiration. Now they are away from dust and sunlight. I miss them.

The vintage looking labels are lovely, I agree. The yellowish cast on the paper contributes to the feel. Paint well, make happy rocks, have a good week-end.

paris parfait said...

You're not the only sucker for retro packaging! Yesterday I spent hours online looking at vintage photographs and felt so nostalgic for signs and items from my grandparents' day.