Saturday, January 12, 2013

peephole stones :: work in progress

when i'm at the beach, i love to look for stones with holes in them. i also love felting stones, tho' i do always have a pang of anguish over covering up my carefully-selected stone. so last night i decided to experiment with felting a stone with peepholes, so i could have the felt and still enjoy the stone.

i ran a couple of experiments - wrapping the stones, cutting holes and then felting. that doesn't work too well. you have to wrap the stone (use lisa's great tutorial), felt it a bit, so the felt is tight around the stone, then cut your holes and continue felting.

i got a bit fancy with this one, using two colors. i felted the orange around the stone first, then added the red, felted a bit and carefully trimmed the red layer away from the orange before they got too stuck together. i loved that the stone had a little hole started and i wanted it to show.

a couple of them came off the stones and i ended up with these little felty vessels instead. i'm going to play with them some more to see what they might become.

i'm also going to add some more embellishment (stitching, beads, painting on the stone) to these, so they're still works in progress. but i just had to share them already now. i feel like they're a breakthrough in making the felted stone notion my own. and they're getting me closer to a picture that's in my head. stay tuned.

i played a bit with my new inks yesterday as well, painting a few feather stones and even a bit of driftwood (the inks bleed on it in unexpected ways). i am madly in love with the paynes grey. the sun has gone again and there's a light sprinkling of snow on the ground, so it's a perfect day to stay inside with a cup of tea and play with felt and stones and ink.


celkalee said...

Ahhh, so cute. Now don't laugh but they sort of have little Bobaloo (spelling?) personalities.

rayfamily said...

Oh, I love those top ones! They look like there's moss growing on them. Quite fitting with your recent moss posts :)

Numinosity said...

Sweet peephole stones! I think you're on to something.
I love seeing your creations.

Jody Pearl said...

I love holes in things - yours are like little windows and for a REinventor they are a great place to start. x

Anonymous said...

I love the peep-hole stones. Especially the red/orange one. I can almost feel their soft weight in my hand. Calming somehow.

Anonymous said...

I love your creative ideas! Especially when they involve things like feathers and rocks. : )

Ariadne said...

I don't pretend I can cover the whole of my stones!Why should we?AriadnefromGreece!