Thursday, January 10, 2013

what a difference a day makes

oh my, what a difference a day makes. my day started with an email from an old friend. and then an invitation from a more local friend for a spontaneous road trip. so i spent the day in århus today. the sun shined a little bit on the way there (but not long enough for me to get to photograph it). but it turns out that a simple change of scenery, an encounter with art (we picked up my artist friend's paintings from an exhibition), a trip to the most fabulous leather store and an even better art supply store (swoon) plus lunch with the best waiter i've ever encountered in denmark will really make you feel better and get you back in the zone. and get your clogged-up idea channel flowing again. and by you i mean me. 

so get out there. change your scenery. you won't regret it. i promise.


ahh notes, that lovely intervention between what we read and what what we write (and if you're me, what we think). i'd love to have attended a conference on notes. and marginalia.


DahnStarr said...

Dispite six inches of new snow...really cold snow...treated myself to an eventure tonight. Took my first yoga class. Well, my first in over twenty years and discovered what a difference twenty years makes! LOL

paris parfait said...

Ah yes, change of scenery. I need that. Sounds like you had a fun day out.

Unknown said...

Oh! I would Love chance mine At least one day to Dinamarca!!!
Hello from a mexican girl in Argentina!