Sunday, January 13, 2013

the view...

...from sunday night.

~ chickens can fly way better than you think.

~ weekends are too short.

~ ticket to ride is the best game we've come across in a long time. it's a real, old-fashioned board game, where you sit at the table as a family. kind of risk meets the railroads. awesome.

~ so many good books, so impossible to read them all at once.

~ it's really good to have horses on the property again.

~ a smattering of snow makes a huge difference on how light it seems outside.

~ there's a lot of violence on buffy, but most of it seems necessary. it's what happens when you live on top of a hellmouth.

~ i'm glad i don't live on top of a hellmouth.

~ it's lots of fun looking at brochures for brand new cars. neither husband nor i have ever had a brand new car. it'll be the first in our family in generations. and today, we ruled out the ford. and by we, i mean husband, because i didn't go along and didn't want to. tho' it's fun, it was way better to stay home making things together with sabin.

~ facebook can be fun at times. and really make me laugh.

~ pinterest has ruined the acronym DIY for me. (i may have mentioned this before.)

~ whenever i do an outdoor activity with husband (helping him with heavy lifting, stringing an electric fence), it makes it feel like we are really in this together. not to say that i don't otherwise feel that, but i feel it acutely in moments of manual labor. and on friday nights when we talk over our week over a bottle of good wine and a nice dinner.

here's wish you all a good week ahead. i've got that sunday evening feeling and i'm ready to face it head-on.


Lisa-Marie said...

I love the positivity and contentment in this post. I am also glad I don't live on a hellmouth. Good luck with new car buying.

One of my great sadnesses in life is that there are many, mant great books I will never read and every day the number gets bigger.

Anonymous said...

I am also quite glad I don't live anywhere near a hellmouth. I don't really watch a lot of tends to make me physically sick but Buffy is different. I see it as kind of a metaphorical approach to battling your demons. Which I do a lot of. Plus it's just good to see strong female characters. And ps - I named one of my folders "Do It Myself Fashion" so you wouldn't have to see anymore DIY, from my pins anyway. I don't particularly like DIY either but for an especially weird reason.