Wednesday, January 16, 2013

whispering voices

my absolutely exquisite brooch by cathy cullis arrived yesterday. the multiple faces just spoke to me. she calls it part of her tumbling dreamers series, but to me, it whispers of the multiple voices we all have in our heads, vying (dying?) for our attention and trying to lead us in all directions. i think i saw it first on flickr and couldn't believe my luck when it was still in her shop. it feels so much like it represents where i am right now, at this moment, it's like it was meant to be mine. i am at once disturbed and comforted by the whispers of the voices.

and i am still thinking about her post on art supplies. that and wanting some black gouache now. 

cathy cullis' blog. and etsy (where i scored my brooch).


crazy awesome, thought-provoking embroidery here
it made me a little bit unable to breathe.


Elizabeth said...

You got yourself something gorgeous and meaningful. Glad Cathy could make that happend!

Enjoy all the voices!

Veronica Roth said...

Love the crazy, awesome, stiched-up psycho dolls in your thought provoking blog link. (As long as I don’t have to have them around’s a clown thing) Great brooch. Lovely to have something unique with special meaning.

celkalee said...

So happy you love your brooch. I find it rather unsettling. I have an aversion to items, such as heads, separated from their whole. I have likely seen too many "haunted" type movies. Just me.