Wednesday, January 09, 2013

hedgehog in the fog

there are things i love about winter - candles, fragrant hyacinth, hot elderberry drinks. but what i hate is when winter doesn't really come. it's been grey, grey, grey for over a week. we've had mild temperatures, and a bit of rain, but we haven't had proper winter. we, and the trees and plants and soil, need some cold temperatures and a blanket of snow. i can handle the darkness this time of year when there's snow.  but i'll admit these unrelentingly grey days are chipping away at my will to live. or at least my will to remain awake. i'm thinking of crawling into bed and hibernating 'til spring. those hedgehogs know what they're doing.

speaking of hedgehogs, i know i've shared this before, long ago, but i give you hedgehog in the fog (Ёжик в тумане), a delightful little piece of russian animation from 1975:

i hope it lifts your spirits as it did mine.


Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Would like to have every item in the picture :)

Just keep thinking Spring is around the corner(I do)!

Have a great day!

Tracy :)

Elizabeth said...

For days it is already raining her on my little isle, grey beyond grey. But this afternoon for a few minutes some blue sky appeared, ran outside with the camera to capture this special moment! :))

Lisa-Marie said...

We have also had the grey and mild. Along with it though, has been some welcome sunshine.

Temperatures here will apparently drop to -15 here next week, so you might get your winter yet!