Sunday, July 21, 2013

glorious summer days

these gorgeous summer days don't really get any more relaxed. frieda (aka paws mcgraw) demonstrates.

sabin braided a clover flower crown. we all tried it on. husband said i looked swedish in it. i'm choosing to see that as a good thing. oddly enough, no one took my picture.

why is it again that they say not to photograph against the light? sabin spent last week with a friend and her family at a summer house up north. we were very glad to have her home again.

sabin took this gorgeous shot of our dear, elderly lila belle. she's been loving the warm summer days as well and has even been seen playing, despite her 14+ years.

even husband tried on the clover crown. he's very secure in his masculinity that way. we had to have a photo of that. maybe there's no photos of me because i'm mostly behind the camera.

1 comment:

John said...

loved the photo of your husband. we often
see him portrayed as a small figure in the
distance, doing something. This one is closer, no props to divert his attention, just a self composed in
dividual looking right into the camera. this is on the way to being a portrait. good job.

Now set the camera on automatic and sit in front sometime. See what say ... Sabin can do making portraits of you.