Monday, July 08, 2013

goodbye, dear frankie

may 18, 2012 - july 8, 2013

our handsome frankie had to be put to sleep today. completely unexpectedly. he showed up with a sore right paw that he wouldn't put any weight on, so i made him an appointment at the vet today. i could see a puncture wound on the leg and thought he'd been in a cat fight. it turned out his leg was rather badly broken and the vet thought that even if we went for a very expensive specialist treatment, he would still always hobble around on it and it would be months of treatments and pain for him, with a big risk of him not being able to live his carefree cat life when it was all over. so i made the hard choice and said goodbye to him through a flood of tears. it was far too soon, but the life he had was a very good one and he was very loved. and he will be sorely missed. sorely, sorely missed.

* * *

so this is why, despite being a typist, i still love to write by hand.


celkalee said...

So sorry, always so hard to say goodbye to a pet.

Spilling Ink said...

Bye Frankie and thanks for your hard work here with the humans. We need a lot of tending to, such is our existence, and as a cat you have helped your human friends on their path.

You know Jul, that all cats go to heaven where it's eternal sunshine and plenty of grass and trees to climb. Of course they already know this when they're here which is why they never really worry about the small stuff at all.

Hugs to you and all who were left behind.

katsby said...

So sorry for your loss. Never an easy decision but know you made the best one for Frankie. Always think the good-bye is the hardest part of having a pet as part of the family