Friday, July 12, 2013

more scenes of summer bliss

at the risk of bragging, i'll tell you my child made me a smoothie for breakfast this morning.

i enjoyed it while kittens entertained me with their playful antics.

they're getting to be pretty good climbers.
easy on the designer furniture there, periwinkle.

in the afternoon, we painted in the garden.

the child learned a lot about mixing colors in her painting lessons.
and she taught me a lot this afternoon.

her painting is way better than mine.
tho' mine's not finished yet, so it will improve.

danielle found a hollow in the pear tree and explored it.

we had a relaxed hour or so with matilde, who is much happier at her new stable.

the kittens played some more.
as kittens will do.

perrie climbed a tree.
her mother was not pleased.

strawberries were picked (and frozen and juiced).

and then it was time for bed.

* * *

hope your summer is a glorious one as well.
these are the days we will remember.


Unknown said...

i like your photo, These pictures have something in the

:)! Have nice weekend!

Veronica Roth said...

Those kittens just make me laugh so much; I think it's the crazy eyes. Sabine's painting is wonderful. Well done Sabine! Paint lots more. :)