Wednesday, July 10, 2013

wherein we actually have summer

summer is actually upon us.
that's not always the case in july in denmark.
but we've had an absolutely glorious few days.
the kittens have spent time outside, learning to climb trees and chase frogs.

there's been time for tie-dye projects.
sabin's transforming a brand new pair of white vans into a bright rainbow.
the good bit about our summer is that it's never too hot.
it's actually just right - upper 70s and a nice breeze.

i hate to be one of those bloggers who seems to be bragging about a perfect life.
but it has been pretty perfect for the past couple of days.
what's better than creativity and kittens in the garden?

even my old, faded, scuffed yellow converse got a rainbow facelift.
i can't wait 'til they dry so i can wear them.
rainbows are just so happy and cheerful.

these long summer days stretch out and there's time for everything.
time to wander the treeline separating our property from the neighbor's
and pick a basketful of wild rose petals.

our strawberries are in full production mode.
we picked more yesterday than we've ever picked in one go.
i didn't weigh them, but that's an enormous bowl.
and it was heaped to the top.

a little break during the strawberry picking.
i hadn't put the beers in the fridge, so i just poured it over ice.
that was good too.

a separate bowl of strawberries set aside for dessert.
we're eating strawberries every night right now.
 fresh, fragrant, sprinkled with a bit of sugar and some cream.

i must remember this taste of summer
when the clouds and rain inevitably return.
this is the summer we actually had some summer in denmark.


Until That Good Day said...

May I ask what camera do you use? Your pics are absolutely fan-tast-tic! :)

I loved this post.

julochka said...

Hi Sheyda - thank you! It's a Nikon D300 with a 50mm Nikkor AF lens. :-)

Anonymous said...

That photo of the kittens napping in the basket is just too cute!! Sounds like summer has been amazing. I still think of the strawberries we shared last summer. One of the highlights of my trip! :)

katsby said...

Beautiful pictures. Love the kittens in the basket. These pictures exude the perfect summer day. Nice way for me to spend a 10 minute break. Thanks for sharing