Thursday, July 18, 2013

no butter cow here, folks

not our chickens. and these don't even resemble ours.

i went to the opening day of the market in vorbasse to check the chicken vendors for telltale signs of our chickens. there were actually a few that looked like them, but the people who had the stand were not the ones who came to look at the rabbits. i hated to confront someone who i didn't recognize, as there are, of course, lots of danish landrace chickens in denmark. they could, of course, have gotten them from our thieves, but maybe they were innocent victims as well. i know i would have recognized the people and i didn't see them. there are other markets around, but i think i give up now. 

the market is really not a nice place, it's sort of like a low-rent county fair, only without the competition for best pickles and biggest carrots. the chickens that were for sale looked pretty scruffy and the rabbits (of which there were many) were even worse. there were puppies and kittens too, but they all looked flea-bitten and awful. i'm surprised people would dare to show up with animals in such bad shape. and i wonder if they ever sell any of them? i suppose the pity factor plays in and people buy them to rescue them. with all of the righteous animal rights folks around in denmark, i'm surprised people are allowed to display such a mangy bunch of beasts without getting them all riled up.

i'm glad i went on opening day, as it gets crowded and even more depressing on the weekend. tent after tent of cheap, unnecessary crap, garage sale items passed off as antiques, dangerous-looking traveling carnival rides and unhealthy food, in addition to loads of horses that stand tied up for for three days in the sun without visible food and water, waiting to be sold to a new home. if you think there is no white trash in denmark, just visit vorbasse and you'll realize it's alive and well.

i'm glad i went to check for the chickens, because if i hadn't, i'd be obsessing wondering about it forever. but give me a good old fashioned state fair in the states anytime over the crappy vorbasse market.

* * *

i might want need a llama.

* * *

fonts reimagined as food.
by some lithuanians.


will said...

Nothing worse than white trash chickens ... 'cept maybe flea bitten white trash chicken thieves.

And when you start talking about llamas I think that's some sort of tipping point.

Magpie said...

you don't need llamas. trust me. my step-mother had llamas. they weren't nice.