Tuesday, July 23, 2013

small happinesses

a big giant kitten, trying to get a little sip of milk, then falling asleep.

sleeping away the heat of the day.

beads of sweat on cold things to drink.

three packages of lego minifigures, and all three were ones i didn't already have!

* * *

i've fallen in love with
a 2500 year-old siberian princess' tattoos.
it's definitely worth a click to read the story.
and there's more about her here.
if you don't want to read, here's a little video:

search "Indo-European Mummy in the Altai" on YouTube and watch
a marvelous program about the find from BBC Learning.
Natalia Polosmak, the scientist who discovered her has the most amazing manner.
i want to be friends with her and just hang on her every word.
see, i think she's so awesome, i actually used capital letters!

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