Friday, July 19, 2013

haven't even made a dent in my list

it's one of those weeks. the list was long (two pages) and tho' i steadily worked on it, there are very few items that can be checked off. many of them just take time, but it's also because i did a lot of things that weren't on the list at all (maybe i need to put them there and cross them off to feel better). but on the whole, it leaves me here, on friday afternoon, feeling like i didn't accomplish much of anything this week. and a dull headache, i also have a dull headache. and it's been cloudy all morning, tho' they promised sunshine. the danish weather people suck, they just make shit up instead of actually trying to predict the weather. seriously, if everyone were as bad at their job as the danish meteorological institute (institute no less, the nerve!), this country would long ago have gone under. the norwegian weather service, however, says to expect sunshine later today, so i imagine my mood will improve. and now i'd better get back to that list...

happy weekend one and all!


will said...

Grocery lists are useful but long have-to-do lists are best left to pilots and skyscraper builders. it's enough, being a parent, managing a house, career and turnips that to do these things with a checklist will drive you nuts. The list is endless, usually without pause, and you are not a machine.

Human capacity for work and setting goals is always commendable but you must always take time to breathe, to ignore the superficial and to occasionally run through the sprinklers.

Veronica Roth said...

Oh dear. That's what happens with me so I tend to put things on the list which can be crossed off very toilet roll or brush teeth. I know, pathetic, but it keeps my spirits up. I've had monster headaches for three days now. Maybe it's the British weather. (although I've so got to shut up right now because this is the first actual summer we've had in a decade!)