Wednesday, November 13, 2013

30 days of lists: day 13

this list could have been much longer, but it was too depressing to continue. i probably have far more bad habits than good ones. tho' the nail biting isn't a consistent bad habit, i have fits of it and then can go for months without biting them at all.  how about you? what are your bad habits?

* * *

did you ever read mona simpson's eulogy for her brother steve jobs?
i only just found it and thought it was beautiful.

* * *

reading this wired piece about the two bills (gates & clinton) restored some of my faith in humanity.
in the words of bill clinton:
"helping them live their lives is much more important than who we used to be."

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Neighbors of Wellington Hills said...

What are your bad habits? ... Good question. Often as not, the people you live with are usually the ones to notice your bad habits. It takes a bit of nerve to ask. "What are my bad habits ... what do I do that annoys you?"