Monday, November 25, 2013

30 days of lists: day 25

every family has squirks. my dad hates cucumbers, beets and onions. my mother; she can make ice cream sound crunchy (even when it's not). my sister has loads of quirks, but at the moment, it's the alarming amount of motorcycles piling up in her garage. husband can eat an astonishing amount of chocolate in a very short amount of time and you don't actually see him doing it. he's that fast. and sabin, since she was very little, gets completely squirmy and can't be still right before she falls dead asleep. it's rather uncanny, actually.  and me? i've not got any quirks, i'm sure.

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will said...

Your daddy is so right about onions ... they're overbearing as a flavor and downright evil.