Wednesday, November 06, 2013

periwinkle finds a home

our sweet and only slightly chubby periwinkle is going to go to her new home later today.
some old friends were in the market for a cat, so i'm taking her there later.
she is molly's firstborn and we will miss her.
but we've got way too many cats around here.
these recent photos are a little goodbye to her, i'll miss how she meows at me when she sees the camera.
i hope she has molly's genes when it comes to being a good traveler.
otherwise it's going to be a long 3-hour car ride.

* * *

i've been preparing for an upcoming christmas market
and decided to list a few stitched-up photos in my long-neglected shop.
please have a look!

* * *

absolutely stunning photos from a russian photo contest.

* * *

while you're there, test your internal nationality.
mine's swedish.
that probably means i need a new wardrobe, those swedes dress well.
when i tried to fill it out to end up american, the result was malta.
i had no idea they were religious and mistrustful of their politicians there too.
but perhaps it was because the test only included europe.
oops, didn't read the headline that closely.

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