Saturday, November 09, 2013

30 days of lists: day 9

husband made me get up on a ladder and help him left some roof construction in place. i really hate heights and just stood there on the ladder crying, much to husband's dismay. i think he was a little shocked. it was silent crying, just standing there on the ladder, big old giant tears rolling down my cheeks. and i was frozen and afraid to climb back down. i hate heights. but other than that, i suppose i cry from normal things, like forrest gump and frustration and when frankie had to be put to sleep.


WhingingNinja said...

oh that crying is normal you were brave, I can't even step on a ladder (total fear of them from when I was a child fell off something like a ladder hit my head) anyways now I cant even go near one let alone on one, hubby tried making me once to get over my fear, I turned white as a ghost and started crying hugs to you

Ariadne said...

It's good that Danemark doesn't have too many high points!I am scared of thunderstorms!AriadnefromGreece!