Friday, November 29, 2013

30 days of lists: day 29

i had this ready and couldn't get into blogger for hours due to some strange "infinite loop error" message. very strange. but here it is. better late than never and only one to go. went to a late open evening tonight, but only bought some small gifts for sabin's december christmas countdown calendar. i really do want to go with either handmade or flea market items this year and not succumb to the usual gift panic. happily, my budget will hold me to that.

oh, and these aren't minifigs, but some ordinary christmas-themed lego from a few years ago. i love that little reindeer.

a busy weekend awaits. we're moving sabin's horse home tomorrow and i'm frantically finishing up things for the christmas market on sunday, but first, a good night's sleep.

happy weekend one and all!

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