Friday, November 22, 2013

30 days of lists: day 22

i don't know if this was the kind of recent dreams they meant (and i do realize it's a bit hard to read). but i had the strangest dream the other night. i was at some western-themed resort with my mom and my sister. for some reason, they had hitched a team of horses to the pickup and horse trailer and were trying to turn them around (why they didn't just drive the pickup was unclear) when they nearly backed it into the large body of water that was right there. my whole life, i've had dreams about falling into water, usually yucky, stagnant water that doesn't turn out to be so bad once i'm in it. it just looked bad before i fell in. when i woke up, the trailer was precariously balancing on the edge and i don't know if it fell in or not.

* * *

i've bought a nikon coolpix p520 for sabin for christmas. i got a good price on it because it had been a display model. to make sure it works, i took my list shots with it today. i don't really know how to control the ISO, but it seems to have chosen an ok one for itself (tho' i have it on aperture priority and it should have been up to me to choose). it's a neat little camera and takes HD video (which is why she wanted it). for me, it's a bit of a frustrating step back, since it doesn't take the shot immediately, but only when it's good and ready. i remember that about my old sony point & shoot, but it's been a long time. you can't see on it that was a display model and it has the full warranty. i'm satisfied it works, so i'll pack it up and she'll be pleased as punch on christmas. and yes, i'm sure she doesn't read my blog, so i haven't spoiled the surprise. i love that what she most wanted for christmas was a camera of her own and tho' i'd have bought her a nikon 3200 if i were choosing, she had done her research and she knew what she wanted, so i got her that. 

* * *

a big thank you to blogger for moving the height and width so that they're next to one another in the html. it makes it so much easier to resize photos!

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