Thursday, November 21, 2013

winter's welcome arrival

at long last, yesterday morning we awoke to a proper, thick frost and then this morning, there was the dusting of first snow. don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining about the gloriously long, mild autumn we've had. but we are ready for winter now. the earth and the plants and the hibernating hedgehogs need a proper freeze. it helps them sleep and rejuvenate. we all need a quiet, waiting, resting period. we need to hunker down, to settle in and snuggle up. we need cold, crisp air filling our lungs when we step outside. i've been craving it without even realizing it until it was here.

why does it seem like every season is the best one when you're in the midst of it?

* * *

anna maria horner's new fabric lines are delicious.
and she's so genuine and authentic. 
reading about them on her blog is like a big, warm hug.


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will said...

Living in upstate NY removed any desire for winter ... I really miss SoCal this time of year ... meaning, if one wants snow, one drives to it. I'm ok with La Jolla, palm trees and reindeer decorations.

rayfamily said...

Perfectly said! There is something so calming about hunkering down.