Sunday, April 27, 2008

it was a sunny saturday

caught some bluebells (or are they grape hyacinths?) with drops of dew

yellow rhododendrons about to unfold their blooms

a new round teak table for "the circle" and blissful reading in the sunshine

sun on winter toes for the first time (never fear, much-needed pedicure on the horizon in manila soon) (note beloved south african havianas)

and super fun new spring flats

in all, a heavenly spring day.


hele said...

It does seem like a perfect day. We are having a sunny Autumn Sunday under the tree. I am studying, Flo is reading, the puppies are playing and their mother is sneaking of to catch a quite moment under a bush.

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Oh, that reading table caught my eye.
This is a perfect weekend post, while I'm still sleepy-eyed.

Barb said...

I can almost feel the sunshine way over here in Canada from your lovely pictures. May I join you for a tea at your lovely table and chairs???? Barb

julochka said...

it's so fantastic when the sun returns and we can be outside!

hele--i wish we had puppies..or actually, if i'm honest, kittens, playing nearby.

elementary--i think you caught exactly what i was trying to get at...

barb--i'll be home on wednesday, come on by! :-)