Thursday, April 10, 2008

things which inspire

i took in so many impressions on my travels over the past week. there is just so much to be inspired by out there in the world! here is a taste of it...

fresh herbs in the boqueria market in barcelona

fantastic fresh fish

a riot of spanish strawberries

view from my window at lysebu, holmenkollen, norway

mosaic on the ceiling at gaudi's park güell in barcelona

from the airplane window, somewhere over spain--
i so want to try to draw the shapes i saw here

small, bright nosegays of painted dried flowers on la rambla, barcelona
it felt really great to get out there and see something, to study the contrasts between spain and norway, to observe and interact and to try to capture the experiences on camera, in words and in memory.

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Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

What incredible photos. It's funny but when my husband and I go to new places- either a new country or city, we always go to the supermarkets and look at the vegetable sections :)
We spend most of our time looking at food.
These photos remind me so much of good trips I've had. I'm thinking of oranges at the side of a street in Cherbourg...and a nice man who packed them into a paper bag for us.
Thanks for the memory prompt :)