Friday, April 11, 2008

a new kind of craftiness!

i'm so excited! i have been looking and looking and looking for a stamp with a lightbulb on it. i have even enlisted others in my hunt. in my written journals and in my little black book which i carry in my purse and which contains all of the excellent quotes i've heard and my to do lists, as well as moments of inspiration--i scrawl a little lightbulb beside ideas so that i can page straight to them. i've been wanting a little lightbulb stamp to use instead, since i adore stamps. i haven't been able to find one. and neither have mom or monica, who have been put on the task as well. well...last night while browsing etsy (that bastion of lovely creativeness), i discovered that i just might be able to make one myself.

however, in case i couldn't, i requested a custom stamp from a lovely shop called mayberry sparrow. here's what corabelle came up with:

that's really great! but here it first attempt! not as good as the cool stuff corabelle is making, but a pretty cool first attempt, even if i do say so myself.

i bought a handful of inexpensive white erasers today. i cut one in half, drew one of my lightbulbs on it and carved it out with an exacto-knife. easy peasy lemon squeezy. and very affordable on top of it! plus, it's MY lightbulb! the one that i draw!

i suspect that many erasers will be sacrificed this weekend. i'm thinking a wine glass, a dandelion, some owls (why am i suddenly obsessed with owls?--it's that sassafrass paper, i'm sure). the possibilities are endless!


Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

And you say you don't know how to begin living a simpler life :)
I think that's such an excellent idea. You saved money AND have the most unique and coolest stamper on the planet.
Stamp a bulb beside that one! You earned it ;)

julochka said...

i've already gone a little out of control...i've made two owls and a nordic sun symbol petroglyph thingie. pix of them tomorrow. and i don't even have the right tools! this is really fun!

Unknown said...

Highly impressive. I would try doing that but I would probably cut myself and wind up in the emergency room. Sigh, I am not the most graceful person in the world.

julochka said...

hi maryam--alas i am also not that coordinated. i cut my finger just getting the exacto knife out of the package. it is only by some strange quirk of fate that i didn't cut myself again. this lack of coordination is why i don't do aerobics or other things requiring public displays of coordination. :-)

Yoli said...

That is lovely.