Friday, April 11, 2008

my business

i've spent the morning organizing all of the paperwork for my little business in its lovely bookbinder's design folder. it still strikes me as strange that i have my own business. strange and wonderful. i make invoices. i scan receipts. i handle the bank account. i make my travel arrangements. i fly all over the place. i keep track of all kinds of things. and most important of all, i do a job for a client. how cool is that?

i've always either been a graduate student or an ordinary worker bee, taking in my monthly paycheck. although this is a bit more challenging, figuring all that stuff out myself (especially the taxes! and the pension! yikes!), i feel independent and strong. dare i say, like a grownup, at last.

perhaps now i'll finally get a handle on the financial side of things--money has always been a strangely abstract thing to me, sort of ephemeral and always more tangible to me in the form of an object i've just purchased than as a concept or in those silly little bits of paper that the world seems to chase around endlessly. perhaps now my view on it will change, when i know that it's really myself who has earned it and is doing something to create the fact of money coming in to my very own business.

how exciting! how grown-up! amazing that it took this long...but maybe it's my inner child that enables me to look upon it with delight.

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