Wednesday, April 02, 2008

going off the grid

we're headed for barcelona tomorrow morning. although i'll have a computer along, i'm not going to hook it up to the big old giant huge vast ginormous internet while i'm there. i want to enjoy what i'm seeing. and i want to write about it in my jewel-toned fabric-bound journal with triplus fineliners in rainbow colors. and i want to go offline. decouple myself from the matrix. but i shall surely share all of my impressions when i return. which will be sometime midweek next week.

we'll "see" you then.


david santos said...

Hello, Julie!
Thanks for your posting and have a good week.
I loved this blog.

julochka said...

thanks david for leaving such a nice comment! until last week, i pretty much thought i was writing to myself. which i was ok with actually. but, i'm admittedly finding it rather fun, this increasing awareness of an audience being out there!

come back in a week (or probably soon, as i can't really stay away)