Sunday, April 13, 2008

too much CSI

so i came home from having lunch in the city with a friend and found that husband had dug THIS giant hole underneath the stairs in our kitchen. i couldn't help but have instant flashes like those in CSI--the graphic kind, with blood flowing and plastic-wrapped bodies. now, i'm not keen on having thoughts like that while standing in my own kitchen. i'm wondering how i'm going to sleep tonight, knowing that giant gaping hole is right there, lurking underneath my stairs, just below my bedroom.

it's weird how you can scare yourself silly with thoughts like that, even while you wish you weren't doing it. it happened to me last week as well. in an uncharacteristic moment, i switched on the t.v. in my hotel room and watched some bad american t.v. show late at night on norwegian television (medium, i think it was called). it was a two-parter and they showed the first half. it was enough to scare me totally silly and i couldn't turn off the lights and go to sleep. suddenly every noise of someone going by in the hotel hallway and all of the generally strange sounds that weren't the sounds of my own house were just about too much for me. i was, at my advanced age, too scared to go to sleep.

right about then, a text message came in from husband, wishing me goodnight. it almost scared the living daylights out of me. i jumped a mile when the phone beeped to signal the message. all because of a stupid t.v. show and an imagination run wild. the more i told myself not to be silly, the worse it became.

in the end, i had to read myself to sleep (which i generally do anyway)...simply reading until i was too tired to think the fearful thoughts anymore. i'm a little worried because i'll be in oslo again on wednesday night when part 2 is on...i'll have to restrain from watching it.

and in the meantime, there's that hole underneath my stairs. this might be a week of sleepless nights.


Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Last year in Ireland I accidentally watched Medium a lot, late at night.
When I did go to bed, I would speed up ever so slightly as I got near to the bed. Just in case something was under it.
I know just how you felt. I actually like the show, which is unusual for me, and yet I didn't like it for how it made me aware of every tiny sound nearby.
And my husband is away as of this afternoon, so I'll be experiencing some of that myself again tonight :(

Barb said...

I'm still afraid of the dark and I'm a grandmother.

Just read through some of your posts. Very enjoyable. Barb

julochka said...

phew. i'm glad i'm not alone, getting scared of silly t.v. shows. X-files used to do it to me as well. i couldn't watch it if i was alone and it was one of the more "serious" episodes.

i looked up that "medium" show after i watched and read that it had won an emmy, i think perhaps the episode i saw wasn't the best one ever (the husband was really, really weird--having just gone back to work after some unnamed catastrophe--and his acting just struck me as really bad). i do like patricia arquette, tho'. she was great in "stigmata"--another scary film!! i'm glad it's daylight now!