Tuesday, April 15, 2008

week of strange fears

i'm not generally a fearful person and yet here i am, finding myself writing about fears for the second time this week! and it's because i just read this.

i've never been fond of elevators. in my dreams, i regularly find myself in a falling elevator (we won't go into the dream analysis, freudian aspects of that here). it's not so bad that in my waking life i avoid them, but i often step in with trepidation. it's actually more a fear of being squashed in the closing doors than of the elevator itself plummeting. but now that i read that new yorker piece, i suppose i'll fear escalators for the rest of the week (and beyond) as well.

i'm not so fond of heights either. i suppose next i'll have to go up that rotten ski jump in oslo. perhaps it's just fear week. at least in my head. maybe if i watch the second half of that medium show tomorrow night, i'll get it out of my system. let's hope so. i could really use some sleep.


Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

It's not just me then. I hate the thought of the doors closing on me and there's always that trepidation just before they open at the end, when you think it's taking a long time and what if they don't open at all, ever?
I can't go down a down escalator without holding onto my Spouse and cutting off the blood flow to his arm.

julochka said...

you should definiteily not read that new yorker article then...it actually talks about both elevators and escalators. many more people get hurt by escalators every year than elevators tho'. they don't really fall all that often...