Monday, April 28, 2008

on blogging

a week or so ago, i bought this very cool set from field & sea on etsy. in fact, i thought it was so cool, i bought one for my sis and for my blogging friend The Elementary. ever since it arrived at my house, i've been carrying the little wave notebook in my purse for the specific purpose of jotting down blog inspiration--to capture the waves of inspiration, if you will. and they have been many.

my sister claims i'm obsessed with blogging and perhaps i am. i like to think of it as focused. i also like to think of it as finally doing the daily writing that i had always wanted to do. and it's not all on the blog(s), it's been spilling over to my work and to my handwritten journal(s) as well. somehow, the act of sending the thoughts through my fingers onto the page and into cyberspace has been the key for me to doing what i always wanted to do.

it's also made me more observant of my surroundings. and especially of the people who surround me. it's made me more observant of my own reactions to situations. and i think it's even made me more appreciative--of people, of stories, good photography, even of food and sunshine and flowers.

it's tuned me in to my own motives and to what make me tick. it's made me more aware of what makes me happy and also what doesn't. it's made me look for the connections in things and between people and events. it's made me more thoughtful. it's made me generally more aware. i feel myself becoming kinder and more generous. i am more relaxed and able to take things in stride.

and it's given me some great new friends. i love the blogosphere, don't you?


Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

This is a fine tribute to a new medium! I didn't even read blogs until I had one last October. I didn't quite know what they were, what they meant, what sort of people had them. If I had read this post beforehand I am sure I would have got a blog sooner. It seems like it's benefited you in many ways but most importantly you took time to think about what those ways were. Too often we don't even know something good has happened because we're too busy to assess our lives on a daily basis.
And it's wonderful too, because you have a lovely balance of jotting your inspired thoughts in a notebook as well as sharing them on a computer so it's the best of both worlds and both ways of life, I think.

Jaime said...

I have a little notebook too, that I carry around for inspirations that pop up from time to time.

It's true isn't it? Writing, and reading other posts makes you so much more aware...of everything! I feel like I am waking up after a long slumber...seeing the world differently.

Blogging is truly a wonderful thing!

hele said...

I agree - a wonderful post. For me blogging also sharpens the way I look at myself, my relationships and my world.

Sometimes it helps me find clarity when things seems bleak, sometimes it rescues my sense of humor.