Wednesday, May 07, 2008


i swear singapore is one big disneyland. with embassies around the world. it's very clean, very pretty, very maintained and coiffed. just like disneyland. but, for some reason, i like it better this time than on previous visits. maybe that's because my hotel is right next to clark quay, which is a pretty happening spot.

observed in singapore:
  1. people walking around in stores eating really weird looking stuff (something that looked like it was covered in red bean paste on the outside and had some rice mixture on the inside).
  2. tips on the radio for being more organized and thereby living a happier life.
  3. young, prosperous-looking indians.
  4. young, prosperous-looking filipinos.
  5. erasers in the shape of sushi.
  6. a strange store called daiso where all of the craptacular things cost only $2 (sing dollars).
  7. models of pretty candy-colored sony cameras (built-in 4GB memory) which i feel a strange desire to own (now, now, now) mostly because i've never seen them anywhere else.
  8. shops which sell only bling--hair bling, phone bling, bindi bling, all bling, all the time.

that's all for now. will check in again later...


Jaime said...

hehe...craptacular things.
I bet you didn't see anyone chewing bubble gum...I heard it's against the law, but it keeps the streets clean and glistening.
Did you buy any camera equip yet??

julochka said...

it's not illegal to have gum, but they don't sell it here. if you want some, you have to pop over to malaysia or bring it with you. i was actually afraid to cross on a red light today as a pedestrian, but then a bunch of locals did. you never know what will bring the death penalty down on your head out here, it's a police state! :-) but, it's very safe and you can walk alone on the streets day or night. no, i didn't buy any camera stuff yet. but i did see the pretty little sony 8 megapixel candy cameras. :-) big screen. 4 GB built-in. did i mention very pretty? but NOT what i'm looking for. i must focus.

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

"shops which sell only bling--hair bling, phone bling, bindi bling, all bling, all the time." You are so funny in your descriptions.
How amazing to walk and feel safe at night.
I'm enjoying the Julochka-Chronicles from Singapore.

julochka said...

funny is definitely what we're aiming for. :-) but perhaps what we should be aiming for is sleep!!! i'm gonna hate this jetlag in the morning...