Sunday, September 28, 2008

lazy weekend at home

a blissful weekend at home. an autumnal sun is shining its golden light. we've managed to restart our energy for finishing the house. we sort of lost our steam after the big party and the place is far from finished, but our energy and creativity are returning.

the electrician was here this week, so we finally hung the fabulous tom rossau lamp in the dining room. the other one will go in the kitchen later today.

then, i put up several test spots on the wall in the writing house to try to determine what color to paint it. i want it to have a very moorish feel and i've bought gorgeous anna maria horner fabrics for pillows and such, so i want to match the rich colors of those.

i got to smash up some lovely black tiles to make a mosaic for around and underneath the fireplace. very cathartic once i got past my squeamishness at smashing them with crow bar.  i came to a bit of a standstill yesterday and have to return to it today with fresh eyes. that happens sometimes.

and finally, a few blissful hours looking through inspiring books acquired in singapore last week.

although i like to fancy myself quite the career woman, it gives me an enormous sense of contentment to have a weekend at home, nesting. puttering around, cleaning, straightening, roasting a chicken, making breakfast juice with the juicer. there's just something about being home, sitting at the dining table on sunday morning with the sunday papers and a big pot of tea. maybe i appreciate it all the more for not having been here much for two weeks. absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

hope your weekend was a good one, wherever you were.


Barb said...

Sounds like my kind of weekend. B

tangobaby said...

It went by so fast. I'm still catching up. I think I liked your weekend better. I bet the smashing up tile part was are so crafty!