Saturday, September 20, 2008

i need a guru

walking along raffles blvd. early this afternoon, minding my own business, enjoying the sunshine and trying to remember exactly how far that art museum was. early on, i noticed a 30-something indian gentleman walking the same path. he had one of those little black turban-thingies on (i'm sure there's a technical term, but forgive me, it's midnight and i'm in bangkok, waiting for the next flight), but i took note of him more for his long-sleeved shirt, which was an ordinary, blue business-type shirt. i remember thinking that it was awfully hot for long sleeves. then, at a stoplight, he turned and asked me how i was doing. i said i was quite well.

then, he told me i had a lucky face. having intentionally not put on makeup, i laughed a little bit at that one, but i did thank him. then he said, "you think too much, you should relax because your three stars will come together in october. october will be a very happy month for you." i gasped a little bit. could he really tell that i was thinking too much, just walking along BESIDE me and a little behind on a busy street in singapore? he also told me that i would be very happy living in singapore. then, he asked if i'd ever been to india. i told him i had, several times (i neglected to mention i wasn't that fond of it). then he showed me a picture of his guru. it was rather blurry and he pointed to a little face in the upper right of what appeared to be a class photograph of an entire class of gurus. then, he gave me a bead, asked me to keep it and be happy. especially in october.

isn't that weird?


Anonymous said...

LOVED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tin (ni Johann) said...


Talk about a lovely Singapore story. ^_^

When I was reading this entry, the graphic novel "My Faith in Frankie" came to mind for some strange reason. ^_^

Monica said...

Wow, that is super cool. I've been thinking a lot lately about sending positive energy to people. And someone shared with me a hunch (is that the word) about something in my future. I like when stars come together. Comforting.