Monday, September 15, 2008

hitting the wall

mid-afternoon the tireds hit and i became useless at the office so i headed back to my hotel. in an attempt to stay up 'til a normal time rather than falling asleep and sleeping for ten straight hours, as i strongly desired to do, i changed clothes (read: put on comfortable shoes) and headed out for a walk and a bit of shopping. i took a few uninspired pictures:

where i'm staying

where i'm working:
the famous raffles hotel:
home of the famous long bar, where the singapore sling was born.
and which might be the only place in singapore where you're encouraged to litter.
by throwing peanut shells on the floor:
tourist heaven:
and i realized something today, that mall i've been dreaming about all these years might be singapore. it's really all just one giant mall. 

1 comment:

tangobaby said...

I thought the Giant Mall was Dubai. What is a Singapore Sling anyway? It sounds incredibly retro and something you would drink while listening to Elvis.