Sunday, September 21, 2008

a perfect autumn day

i arrived home very early this morning. another of those jarring transitions from 30 degrees, high humidity and smog to the clear, crisp, sunny fall weather in denmark. it's about 15 degrees, light breezes and sunshine. THE perfect weather for donning my new gap sweatshirt (from the boy's section, why don't they make non-zip hoodies for women anymore?), some walking shoes and going mushroom hunting in the forest.

i had to take some pictures of the last of the summer flowers using my new macro lens. there was already frost once while i was away, but in the greenhouse, it only got down to 3 degrees, so the dahlias are still going strong.

i doubt the melons will really get a chance to be ripe before the real frost comes, even in the greenhouse, but they look pretty now anyway.

the hydrangea are finishing up, but i absolutely love them at every stage. they're wonderful!

the chocolate cosmos look so autumn-y:

the little japanese acer is a blaze of color:

and the rowan trees are loaded with their berries. i love to pick these clusters and make an autumn wreath for the door and this year it feels like i have the time and energy to do things like that again.

but first, a whole mess of these are going into the freezer so we can have an apple pie at thanksgiving:

i just love fall, don't you?


hele said...

Here fresh green leaves and cherry blossoms makes me dance because it is spring.

I can't wait to hear more about your October happiness.

Jaime said...

Fall is my most favourite time of the year.
You finally got a macro lens! Woo hooo! What did you get?

Barb said...

I LOVE THE FALL TOO. My favourite time of the year.

Your pictures are gorgeous the dahlias are well beautiful. I tried dahlias this year, but not much blooms.

I enjoyed walking through your garden with you. B