Wednesday, September 17, 2008

could i be any worse? surreptitiously taking pictures in places i probably shouldn't take pictures (like the posh takashimaya department store on orchard road). i cannot frame from the hip to save my life.

it's a shame too, because those were such super pretty, sparkly shoes.

i could tell you about some charming encounters i've had with the locals, but since i stayed up ridiculously late last night, i'm too delirious to do so today, so they'll have to wait 'til tomorrow. if i forget, ask me about the magnifying lens, the whispy goatee and the great singapore fire...

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tangobaby said...

I'm going to insist that you go back and take proper pictures of these shoes. What, you don't live there! Will they deport you?!

Maybe we need to get you one of those Mission Impossible spy camera, like one that's in a pen or a lipstick or something.