Monday, September 01, 2008

pretty patchwork art

at the eleventh hour, just after the first guests arrived (some were early!!! such bad manners!!), we hung the fabulous patchwork curtain from skinny laminx. my dear mother worked all morning, battling my old thrifted husqvarna sewing machine to hem the edges and make pockets top and bottom so we could hang it. we managed to find a black rod in ikea that works pretty well with it. there's another rod in the bottom pocket, so you can fold it up as well.
there are spaces at the edges because of the way the bracket it hangs on has to be attached to the wall. it has the feel of a large canvas artwork that i had hoped it would have. the colors are perfect for the very white room and it lends a warmth and homeyness to soften the stark white. 
when you're sitting at the dining table, looking up at it, this is the view:
and from above, it lets plenty of light through and has an almost stained-glass effect with the sun shining through. it's all i had hoped and even more.  thank you so much, heather, for your fabulous creativity!!!

p.s. the party was a big success.


enchantedartist said...

Oh my lovely and cheerful! I love it!

I'm also glad your party was a you get to relax? ;)


hele said...

It must have been wonderful to add that last touch and sit back knowing that your house was ready for the perfect party.

Barb said...

Absolutely fabulous ... hope you had a wonderful weekend and the party was successful! Barb

tangobaby said...

Oh, it looks PERFECT above the books! It is like a dream cozy library! Your mommy was very nice to help, too.

ps. I am so glad the party was a success but please tell me that you took a picture of the pig.

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

It's beautiful! Just perfect for the space.