Wednesday, September 24, 2008

schöen tag

it takes so little to start a day off on the right foot. a "have a nice day" said to a stranger upon stepping out of an elevator, even if it was said in german, a language which i don't speak, i got the idea. it was a human interaction, an acknowledgement of my existence, despite the fact that the man didn't know me. he smiled and wished me a good day. and you know something, i think it will be a good day.

the exhibition hall is coming to life around me. our ice sculpture of a polar bear is frosty and already dripping, our stickers of the yield sign with a polar bear on it that say, "a safe and sustainable future?" are stocked up (they go quickly). the beautiful korean girls are passing by in their bright costumes. those girls in the silver bodysuits are in position, ready to hand out sweets. screens are being turned on all over the hall. the guys down the way have restocked their little blue rubber ducks wearing hard hats (i want to get one of those today). today, i will go around with my camera, taking it all in through the lens.

life is fascinating. have a nice day.

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hele said...

May your life be filled with sustainable blessings :)