Thursday, January 22, 2009

4th picture meme

i was tagged a few days ago (before the whirlwind trip to the west coast) by lynne of wheatlands news for a picture meme and so i'm getting to it now. here's what it's all take the 4th picture in the 4th folder on your computer and post it and explain it. no editing, no selecting another picture.

naturally, being me, i immediately broke the rule, but only because the 4th folder had only 2 pictures in it, so i'll admit i decided not to count it, so this is technically the 4th picture from the 5th folder, but i didn't edit it, that much i promise!

the folder is called "christmas 2002" and the picture is of a ruffle-butt feetie pajama-clad sabin and our black persian cat, fitch (we also had a himalayan called abercrombie) near the christmas tree. i believe that's a hair band around sabin's wrist and fitchie is trying to play with it.

what's fun for me about the picture, other than remembering sabin so little (she was closing in on 2 then and now she's going to be 8 in a few days), is seeing the rug we found in morocco, which is still on the floor in our big kitchen/living room. the low leather kaare klint safari chair in the background is out in the studio space these days. we've painted the stairs white and there is a new oak floor instead of the pine floor seen here. and where the tree is standing is today where our refrigerator, kitchen sink and dishwasher are. it makes me smile to think of how far we've come. on the other hand, some things don't change...we still have that same color of yellow on the walls.

i'd love to see the 4th picture in your 4th folder and hear your story, so if you'd like to share, consider yourself tagged.


Just Jules said...

Thanks for the cute pic. Love the ruffle butt! My "girly" is about to turn 8 as well...sigh. For fun (and an easy post) I considered myself tagged. Stop by and see us move an outhouse?!

Meri said...

I tagged Beth(Doors Are Everywhere) and she posted her photos today, along with her process. I laughed out loud reading her comments. Your photo is pure sweetness; your comment both nostalgic and hopeful.

Tess Kincaid said...

It was so adorable when our cuties would squat like that! And hold the pose for the longest time. I guess it's comfortable for them, huh? So sweet. Love the ruffled little rump!

beth said...

I love the ruffled butt !!

and this was a fun game of tag...I usually pass on these, but I played this time, too !!!